About Me

Solution-oriented IT Specialist, adept at developing highload systems and networks. Windows & Mac hater.

I work as UNIX and network administrator over 10 years.

I was a moderator on Linux.org.ru.

Preferred OS is Gentoo, desktop enviroment - KDE, shell - Fish, browser - Chromium, window manager - Awesome, webcomics - xkcd, internet radio - Clubberry, hosting service - Flops.

My cv at hh.ru.

Contact information

Email/GTalk/Jabber - hate@tazhate.ru.

Skype - tazhate.

Vkontakte - tazhate.

Twitter - tazhate.

Blog/Tumblr - hurt.taz.

Misc services which is running on this server

Game Servers: teeworlds, ut2004, warsaw, etc. Topic on Lor.

Euglena music.

Another Mask music.

Everline music.

Pretty Much Ignore music.

Side Projects

Spot-as-a-Service - Spotmap.

Joke-page about bike prices with currencies - Specialized Demo Zen.

Nvidia <3 - Torvalds Finger Home Page.